The committee met on Thursday 19th August 2021. As well as items of internal matters the following items were discussed

  • Committee Member Recruitment - EqualsIW is to contact the Isle of Wight College and Six Form Colleges offering an opportunity in future projects for students to develop their careers by gaining practical experience within a charity.
  • - EqualsIW to open an account for advertising events such as Asian Day, Diversity Day and Friendship Groups Activities.
  • EqualsIW is to consider formalising membership with a personal declaration and a nominal fee of £1.
  • EqualsIW Secretary - The position will become vacant in November. A replacement is needed for EqualsIW to continue as a charity.
  • The Friendship Group's WhatsApp Page is to be the preferred communication channel for internal EqualsIW. The website will continue
    to publish events, case studies and activities.
  • Remote attendance at meetings is to be supported by using a WhatsApp group linked to a nominee attending the meeting.
  • Indoor activities remain suspended due to Covid-19 concerns. The November meeting is to consider re-starting in Jaanuary 2022. 
  • EqualsIW is planning a group mainland visit for 2022.

A copy of the minutes is available on request to the secretary.

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