Main Points of General Interest

Equals IW has made progress on several organisational fronts

  • Operational procedures around privacy
  • Links to other Isle of Wight organisations
  • Fund raising
  • Trustees and the Charity Commission
  • Finance
  • Equals IW Membership

The Women's Friendship Group membership has been falling so the group are considering a marketing drive after the summer.  The issue was raised that having Mardis Gras workshops in a venue restricted to Women, while cost effective, prevents male participation. Also the timing of workshops during the day prevents those in paid work from joining in.

The Men's Friendship Group has been dormant due to work commitments. The committee discussed whether focusing future meetings on a specific activity would increase interest.

Activities are currently being planned for

  • Mardis Gras Parade. Kimmy the dragon's framework has been created during a series of Women's Friendship Group meeting. Work continues on Kimmy and the costumes for the parade.
  • Asian Day. A gazebo has been promised for Equals IW promotion.

This is a very brief abstract from the minutes of the meeting.
A copy of the minutes is available on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..