Some of the Group

A smaller group took part in the Equals IW Green Time Multiply 1.7 mile walk visiting three Gift to Nature sites

  • Pan Country Park
  • Shide Chalk Pit
  • Pan Mill Meadows

They found out about Newport’s industrial past and saw how the landscape had changed over time. This walk was self-guided and needed individuals to read, follow and share a set of directions.

It was good to see different group members taking the lead with them all working as a team to find the direction to take.

While on the walk they took part in a quiz identifying dates and finding numbers to later complete a maths worksheet connected to history learnt on the walk.

The evening included a picnic break at Shide Chalk Pit to chat, relax and listen to the birds singing in the sunlight. The group developed their maths skills by carrying out calculations with and without the calculator on their mobile phones.They had to to add, subtract, multiply and divide, read and compare distance and extract information from a table.

This walk was part of the Changing Landscapes Isle of Wight Spring Walking Festive held between 13 and 21 May 2023.

We took photos

Equals IW Green Time - Multiply is a way of developing maths skills in a fun, informal way to enhance positive emotional well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

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