Some of the Group

Nine Friends and Family group members joined Mark on Sunday 1st October 2023  to take a trip around two miles of Firestone Copse. They explored attractive English Oak and Ash trees as well as coniferous Douglas, Cedar and Scots Pine trees that provide evergreen year round interest.

The group took part in an Orienteering Multiply Challenge exploring different trails and pathways into the heart of the trees and woodland. With lots of laughter they developed their maths skills by completing a fun, enjoyable maths task at each of the six orienteering posts. 

The afternoon finished in the picnic area sharing food and drink amongst the trees and enjoying each other’s company in the warm autumn sunshine.

Everyone is looking forward to the next Green Time activity that will be taking place in November 2023.

We took photos

You are welcome to visit our online album of these images.

Green Time Multiply Magical 9 - Explore Firestone Copse with a Splash of Maths started the new partnership programme between MCEnhancement, Equals IW and the  Isle of Wight Council Adult and Community Learning and is funded to run up to July 2024.

Green Time - Multiply is a way of developing maths skills in a fun, informal way by using nature, crafts and arts to enhance positive emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

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