Some of the group

The final session of this year’s Green Time Multiply activities recently took place at Torwood in Bonchurch. The group of ten learnt what a fraction is by completing four interactive worksheets.

Mark led the session teaching the group members how to recognise and add simple fractions. They learnt how to read, write and compare quantities including halves and quarters. They covered how to read and write common fractions. Group members were each given a packet of M&Ms and followed a worksheet to count how many they had in total. After recounting for individual colours they created fractions for each and added the fractions together.

The counting brought about a lot of laughter, fun and chaos. This result was many group members having to recount their M&Ms more than once. Group members even found themselves rescuing M&Ms from the floor before Aireen’s dog Peanuts found them. Luckily all were found and returned to the table for recounting.

The group enjoyed homemade soup, bread and cake while having fun being creative by colouring or painting their own

  • Christmas Card
  • Christmas Stick Character
  • Christmas Bag
  • Christmas Stocking.

Alternatively the group had the opportunity to make a cross stitch card and select their own design of a robin, a Christmas tree or a Santa.

The Festive Crafts Workshop with a splash of fun maths let everyone taking part develop everyday useful maths skills. The time spent together was the perfect way to relax in friendship with other people. They all made a personalised festive item for use over the festive season.

We took photos

You are welcome to visit our online album of these images.

Coming Soon

Green Time, Green Skills Multiply developing maths skills in a fun informal way through the use of crafts and arts to enhance positive emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, self-esteem and mental health returns with a spring crafts workshop in 2024.

There will also be a special workshop whereby maths skills will be developed by making a different cake or pudding of choice from around the world. It will be combined with an Easter Bunny Drive charity fund-raising evening. Fun for all with a slice of cake and tea.

More details on both workshops can be announced In January 2024.

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