Planning for the 2020 Mardi Gras Carnival event held in Ryde has started. Equals IW has been looking at the options being considered for the carnival theme.

First Choice

A theme based on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival has been selected as the Equals IW first choice as it fits well with our organisation. The team enjoys the dance and music associated with this theme. Equals IW is exploring an idea with a Steel Pan Band through group members' London connections.

We would develop multi-coloured costumes that symbolise Trinidad and Tobago. Glittery, colourful and decorated with feathers and sequins including the colours of the National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.

As part of the costumes we would create shoulder head-wear backpacks. Each backpack would have an interchangeable face disk to enable future use with a different theme. The interchangeable discs could show the wildlife of rain-forests, oceans, Caribbean wildlife and birds.

Recruitment of Team Members will open in January 2020.

Other Choices

The second choice of Equals IW is a theme based on the Notting Hill Carnival held in Great Britain. Costumes would be in the colours of the Union Jack flag in red, white and blue with each member carrying a Union Jack. The entry would have some kind of feature to match the Caribbean/West Indian culture and history associated with that carnival.

The third choice is a theme around Columbus and Colonisation reflecting adventure and travel. Costumes would be based on sea, land and ships. We could carry canes made to look like they are burning echoing slaves marching in the past.

Alternatives Considered

A theme based on Ancient Egypt has been suggested and explored. Carnival was first introduced as a pagan festival with winter spirits and later approached to a Christian styles of belief. There is little connection with the ethos of Equals IW.

A Rio Carnival theme has also been suggested and explored with many positive possible theme options. However most of the Rio Costumes are revealing of the natural body and this does not fit comfortably with Equals IW team members.


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