1. Name. The name of the group will be Equals IW.
2. Aim. The aim of the group will be to celebrate equality and diversity on the Isle of Wight, to raise awareness and actively challenge discriminatory practice and attitudes.
3. The Object. The promotion of equality and diversity on the Isle of Wight for the public benefit by (for example)

  • The elimination of discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity.
  • Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Conducting or commissioning research on equality and diversity issues and publishing the results to the public.
  • Cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity.

4. Powers. In addition, in order to achieve its aim, the group may

  • Raise money.
  • Open bank accounts.
  • Acquire and run premises.
  • Take out insurance.
  • Employ staff.
  • Organise courses and events.
  • Work with similar groups.
  • Do anything that is lawful which will help fulfil its aim.

5. Membership. Membership of the group shall be open to any individual without regard to disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, political or religious affiliation who subscribes to the Mission Statement and is willing to abide by the rules of the group. The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by the management committee provided fair representation of the member and supporter is heard.

6. Management. The group shall be administered by a Management Committee of not less than five members elected at the group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • The Management Committee shall consist of not less than five and not more than nine voting members who will be elected at the AGM.
  • The officers of the Management Committee shall be the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
  • A Vice Chairman can be elected from among the Management Committee members.
  • The Management Committee may co-opt onto the Committee, up to three individuals in an advisory and non-voting capacity that it feels will fulfil the aim of the group.
  • The Management Committee will meet at least two times per year.
  • At least four members of the Management Committee and one officer shall be present for a Management Committee meeting to take place.
  • Voting shall be a show of hands, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
  • No person shall be entitled to act as a member of the Management Committee whether on a first or on any subsequent entry into office until after signing in the minute book of the Management Committee a declaration of acceptance and of willingness to act in the trust of the Charity.
  • The Management Committee may invite individuals to attend and participate in their meetings as non-voting members of the Committee.

7. The Duties of the Officers.

  • Chairperson. Chair meetings of the Committee and the Group. Represent the group at functions, meetings etc. Act as spokesperson of the group.
  • Secretary. Keep a membership list. Prepare, in consultation with the chair, meeting agendas. Take and keep all minutes of the meetings. Collect and circulate any relevant information within the group.
  • Treasurer. Supervise the financial affairs of the group. Keep proper accounts that show all the monies received and paid out by the group.

8. Finance.

  • All monies received by or on behalf of the group shall be applied to further the aim of the group.
  • Any bank accounts opened for the group shall be in the name of the group.
  • Any cheques issued shall be signed by the Treasurer and another nominated member of the Management Committee.
  • The group shall ensure that its accounts are audited or independently examined every year.
  • The group may pay reasonable out of pocket expenses including  travel, childcare and meal costs to members.

9. Annual General Meeting.

  • The group shall hold an AGM in the month of March.
  • The members shall be given at least fourteen days notice of the AGM and shall be entitled to attend and vote.
  • The business of the AGM shall include
    • Receiving a report from the Chair on the group’s activities over the year.
    • Receiving a report from the Treasurer on the finances of the group.
    • Electing a new Management Committe.

10. Special General Meeting. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee or three members to discuss an urgent matter. The Secretary shall give all members fourteen days notice of any Special General Meeting together with notice of the business to be discussed.

11. Alterations to the Constitution. Any changes to the Constitution must be agreed by at least two thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting.

12. Dissolution. The group may be wound up at any time by two thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting. In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets after all debts have been paid, shall be given to another group with a similar aim, after consultation with the donor.

13. Adoption of the Constitution. Until the AGM takes place the persons whose names, addresses and signatures appear at the bottom of this document shall act as the Management Committee, referred to in this Constitution.

The Constitution was adopted on 6th April 2005.

An amendment to Section 6 was adopted at the AGM held on 4 June 2006. An amendment to the Object was adopted at the AGM held on 27 February 2010.

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