Some of the Group

Another very successful workshop recently took place whereby the Equals IW Friends and Family Group joined Mark for this fun craft session. Those taking part developed creative skills by making a wooden planter out of recycled wood. The atmosphere was friendly and positive with people happy and relaxed in each other’s company. They had fun using various templates to create, draw and paint decorative designs to personalise their wooden planter.

The wooden planter can be used to grow herbs, various plants or flowers and is ideal for a window sill, perfect to be placed on the balcony or in the garden.

The Multiply Maths Skills covered

  • Demonstrate safe and correct use of a tape measure when measuring the length and width of pieces of wood being used to make a wooden planter.
  • Recognise imperial scale and metric scale of a tape measure and convert measurements.
  • How to read a tape measure scale for metric units, measure centimetres with the longest markings and use each of the smaller marks to find the length in millimetres.
  • The best way to read scales for imperial units using the longest marks to measure inches and using the next longest lines for ½ inches, the third longest for ¼ inches.

Each group member brought food for sharing together over lunch. Two special guests came and talked to the group

  • Janet Owen, Executive Director, The Island Collection

Janet talked about culture and diversity on the Island and the Isle of Wight Council Cultural Strategy. She is keen to learn more about Equals IW and aims to join future activities.

  • Chad Witcher, Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Physical Activity, Portsmouth University.

Chad talked about a project re-searching how older people spend their leisure time post-employment.

Creative Crafts with a Splash of Fun Maths

These Equals IW Green Time sessions enable you to increase your confidence with numbers through creative craft activities. Join in and you will be developing maths skills in a fun informal way and enhance positive emotional well-being, self confidence, self esteem and mental health.

Good maths skills can help you in everyday life such as budgeting money. Multiply is a new government funded programme to help adults improve their numeracy skills. 

Next session will be in April 2023 and you can find out all about the details soon right here.

Of course we took photos

Green Time Green Skills Multiply: Creative Crafts with a Splash of Fun Maths


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