Some of the group

The Equals IW Friends and Family Group came together in the beautiful grand house and gardens of Torwood in tranquil Bonchurch.

The workshop was the successful end to a three year programme of “Activities with a Splash of Fun Maths” held in partnership with Mark from MCEnhancement.

The group joined Cece to pick fresh wild garlic from the garden and prepare the garlic for use.

They used kitchen scales to weigh out ingredients and followed instructions provided by Cece to make "Wild Garlic Butter and Bread".

The group enjoyed taking part in some fun maths learning how to

  • Convert litres to millilitres and kilograms to grams
  • Calculate the perimeter, area and volume of swimming pool at Torwood
  • Calculate the amount of water needed to fill the swimming pool and the time it would take
  • Calculate the cost of heating the pool at Torwood
  • Use temperature and time to cook the ‘Wild Garlic Bread’.

The group ended the final Multiply Green Time Workshop in friendship with a celebratory meal while relaxing in the peaceful surroundings.

We took photos (lots)

The Multiply programme is a government funded programme through the Isle of Wight Council Adult and Community Learning.

Green Time - Multiply is a way of developing maths skills in a fun, informal way by using the great outdoors to enhance positive emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

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