Our Mission

The uniqueness and attractive qualities of Equals IW are the strengths of its cultural enrichment, diversity and success in integrating a wide range of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Equals IW strives to bring people together by building strong positive relationships between people. At the heart of this is the promotion of equality, diversity and understanding of one’s own culture and those of others. Equals IW feels and believes the way forward is to continue to capture this uniqueness and to develop it further by celebrating diversity to promote a positive image of people from all sectors of the community. Equals IW invites all to join in this exciting journey and each individual’s involvement and contribution will be welcomed, appreciated and valued.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the Isle of Wight will become an even more inclusive, supportive and friendly place to live, work and visit for all people. We want the Isle of Wight to be a place of true equality of opportunity, peace and respect for all. We are working together with other organisations and individuals to achieve this vision.

We have a flyer with our mission and vision that you can download.

Updated February 2023

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