Mardi Gras Preparation

Next Team Sessions

  • Wednesday 19th June 18:00 to 21:00  

At the Riverside Centre Medina Room. The Riverside Centre has free parking accessed by the bridge which has been re-opened. 

 All 20 team members are asked to attend or have attended at least one of the Team Sessions to help make their individual costume and hand held feature. During these sessions the group will also learn the dance routine to be used on the day of the Mardi Gras Parade. 

The change in the base costume now has brown for the lower body and green for the upper body reflecting the colours of a tree.  

All team members are now asked to purchase the following and wear it on the day.

  • Footwear is to be any type of brown or white flat footwear such as trainers
  • Lower body is to be brown
    • Long shorts
    • Slim line trousers
    • Tracksuit bottoms
    • Jogging bottoms
    • Leggings.
  • Upper Body is a green short or long sleeved T-shirt.

Working on the Costumes...

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