EqualsIW wishes to express support foor all those invloved in the recent natonal tragedies.

Members of EqualsIW are reminded that they can submit updates or items of interst to Rex as webmaster.

The group congratulated Aireen on her work with the Isle of Wight Asian Day.

The Women's Friendship Group (WFG) had a successful Ryde Mardi Gras event on the 1st July. A Culture Kitchen was also held on the 4th of July at Lanesend Primary School in Cowes

On the 5th of July some members of the Friendship Group participated in the International Day at Cowes Primary School.

On 21st of July the group were invited as guests at Vecta House Summer Party at the Barchester Vecta House Care Home in Newport. They wore their traditional costumes and chat with the residents.

Congratulations also to Cecilia Herbing for the successful book launch held last 9th of July at St. Therese Hall wherein three members also attended.

The next meeting of the Men's Friendship Group (MFG) will be a barbecue on 24th August at Prince's Green in Cowes.

A Men’s Friendship Group facebook page is planned for the first week of August.

The next meeting tobe held on the Monday 21st of August 2017 at 6.30pm to 8.00pm  at Newport Police Headquarters has now been confirmed.

Please note that the start time has been put back to 6.30pm to 8.00pm allowing members free parking nearby.